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Why Use laNaturalle Products


LaNaturalle Hair Products help correct the following problems: dry hair and scalp, hair loss, traction alopecia, lack of moisture in the hair, thinning and balding, chemical damage, damage from braids and tracts, hair breakage, split ends, transitioning from chemicals to natural hair and unruly child hair.

LaNaturalle organic hair products can be used with all natural hairstyles for people of all nationalities, and are particularly effective on all natural black hair types, and they are excellent for individuals dealing with health challenges. LaNaturalle solutions are hand made and are among the finest natural hair products available. 

What We Believe...


Do you have the following hair & scalp problems?

Our Video Explains why LaNaturalle Hair Products are excellent for natural hair care and for transitioning from relaxed to natural hair.

LaNaturalle Products Are Formulated to Help Nourish,  Moisturize, and Restore Balance to Your Hair and Scalp.

At LaNaturalle, we believe that the health of the hair is more important than styling techniques. The LaNaturalle product line is formulated by a licensed cosmetologist, Angella Spinney, with years of experience in working with the specific health needs of the hair and scalp. Our product line was developed for damaged hair and scalp problems. Our vitamin, protein and moisture enriched product line will help your hair to maintain its health and strength. Our Products can be used by every nationality and every member of the family. 


About the originator of laNaturalle Products:




As a outstanding student at the Baltimore Studio of Hair Design, she understood that being a true cosmetologist isn't about just "stylin' the hair" and "lookin' good", it's about learning how hair products and styling techniques affect the overall health of the client as well as their hair and scalp. As a cancer survivor, she also understood the need to treat hair in a natural, holistic way that would not introduce foreign, caustic chemicals into the body and upset it's natural balance, especially for those who have ongoing health challenges. 


As she started to see more cases of alopecia coming into her laNaturalle Hair Treatment Center in Baltimore, she began to focus more on nutrition which enabled her to create a hair product line that men, women, and children

of all nationalities could use that would not introduce harmful chemicals into their cells or bloodstream. 


After years of formulation, she created laNaturalle Products, a holistic hair care line to address the scalp and hair needs of men, women, and children.  Mrs. Spinney also addresses the emotional and nutritional issues that affect clients faced with hair thinning and hair loss.

Angella Spinney is a licensed cosmetologist of over 20 years and have studied Tricology for 5 years. As a cosmetologist she was concerned about the tremendous lack of  understanding among her peers and her clientelle as to why Black women were loosing their hair. Early on, she completely understood the damage chemical relaxers, harsh hair colorings, hair tracts and inadequate nutrition were having on the hair and scalp, especially on people of color.  


LaNaturalle Products mission is to formulate and manufacture natural black hair products that help solve todays hair challenges. Outstanding products that can enhance the health and beauty of the scalp, hair and skin.


To distribute products that are natural and safe and affordable for consumer use.


To educate our customers on the ingredients in hair care products.


To help educate parents on ways to work with their children hair naturally without the use of chemicals.


To help people who have hair loss to naturally re-grow their hair and to feel good about their appearance.


To help our customers to understand the relationship between good nutrition and healthy hair.


To help people who have challenges with their chemically treated hair make the healthy transition to natural hair.


We're determined to distribute hair, skin and nutritional products that will help improve damaged hair and scalp, and that will enhance the health and beauty of the scalp, skin and hair; and to make our customers, and the industry proud of the LaNaturalle name and product line..

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